ALPI Servizio Moda was born in 1998 in Vaiano, the valley of the mills, just outside Prato. It came from the recognition that the Albini&Pitigliani customers were asking to store their products within our premises.

The idea that all those stocks were just sitting inside our warehouse with no value added services led the ALPI families to believe we could do more. So we started offering logistics services to our existing customers and it turned into an immediate success.

In 2005 it opened its second warehouse in the Macrolotto area, a 4,000m2 premise to launch its first pure pick&pack operation.

Attracting fashion customers, in 2010 it inaugurated its Flagship logistics center in Gonfienti, a 10,000 m2 warehouse to accommodate its top clients.

2012 and 2014 saw the opening of two more warehouses in Agliana ( 7,000 m2 ) and the perfectly located Calenzano ( 3,500 m2 ) for special services and operations.

The last opening took place in 2016 for the very new 5,000 m2 warehouse in Macrolotto 2, ready to hold pick&Pack, Quality Control and e-commerce operations.

Almost 20 years later the company has flourished outside the valley and holds today 6 premises in the Prato area ( Central Italy ) for over 40,000 m2 and directly employs over 50 people.

Started as a simple carton picking operation, in time ALPI Moda has embraced pure Pick&Pack, Quality Control, Reverse Management, Value Added Services and, lately, administrative activities like Fiscal Representation, Customs Clearance and CITES Management.

Always convinced that this is a technology-led industry ALPI has since the beginning invested into a strong and solid WMS that easily connects with customers and vendors. Following this assumption, in 2017 ALPI has launched the X4ManS-Performance product, that helps customers approach the e-commerce world in an easier and more relaxed way.