Pick & Pack


  • Receive Picking Order from the Customer
  • Pick the goods through BarCode Scanning or Voice Picking
    • Single Order Pick: all SKU per order
    • Massive Pick: Same SKU per Multiple Orders, to be segregated at Packing Dock ( useful for small Orders )
  • Collect the goods on Conveyors to Packing Dock
  • Upload Pick data onto the System


  • Carton selection based on type, weight, and dimensions of the goods
  • Wardrobe Boxes with high-quality corrugated carton
  • Pack the PO through BarCode scanning
  • Close, Secure, weight and Label all Cartons based on Customers instructions; Packing Data sent to Customer
  • High experience in packing to save the customer from Shipping Air
  • All cartons have an exclusive progressive number marked on for better identification